Virtual Mentors

ITWomen Virtual Mentoring Program 

The Virtual Mentoring Program was established in 2013 to match professional women in the Engineering and Information Technology field with young women who have received a scholarship from ITWomen. These mentees are either in college or have been accepted to college. Once matched, the mentor-mentee pairs will establish a relationship, communicate via telephone, Internet, e-mail, LinkedIn or Facetime/Skype. The goal is to establish a trusting, nurturing, positive relationship between the mentor and mentee.

Mentors will assume different roles during the course of mentoring relationships, including:

  • Contact your assigned mentee as soon as possible to set-up  an initial meeting, establish a regular communication schedule and the means of communications (email, texting, phone calls, etc.)
  • Meet at least once during the summer before the students leave for college.
  • Meet with your assigned mentee at least once during the summer, before they leave for college.
  • Ask your mentee to share her class schedule with you. Learn her schedule so you can consistently ask her how each class is going. Always encourage her  to get to know her professors!
  • Help your mentee acclimate to her new role (and the responsibilities thereof).
  • Provide mentee with advice and/or strategies to balance social and academic processes.
  • Provide quarterly updates to ITWomen on your Mentoring relationship.
  • Be a good listener and foster an atmosphere of trust.

For more information Download the Virtual Mentor PowerPoint Presentation

Complete an application to be a Virtual Mentor: 

Return your application to:
Margaret Brisbane
ITWomen Virtual Mentor Chair
Phone: (305)790-7722