Indira CEO Helps Girls Connect Fashion & Technology

Start-up exec for bridesmaid site shows PACE girls how to optimize a business through IT

ITWomen likes to have speakers come into the class room and share how technology can optimize a business.  Carrie Mantha, CEO and Co-founder of Indira, presented to the PACE girls and turned their world upside down.  Indira is a start-up company that will use the Internet as its vehicle for the creation and sales of Bridesmaids dresses and accessories!!  This concept is shaking up a very tried and true industry – she and her partner, her husband, are game changers. Carrie who received her medical degree from the University of Miami and an MBA from Auburn  LOVES technology and she explained to the girls why technology is so important – even if you think you are not technical!

The girls learned how important and fun technology can be, and also had many suggestions about bridesmaid dresses to assist in Indira’s success.

Carrie – thank you for bringing such a great idea to PACE Center for Girls and for demonstrating that girls can have a lot of fun in the field of technology!!!  You really made a big difference in the girls’ lives!!

Sandra Peart of Canadian Consulate Inspires Girls in Tacolcy Center, Liberty City, to Dream Big

Sandra Peart, Canadian Consulate, was our Role Model Speaker at the Tacolcy Center in Liberty City. We  work with girls who are in elementary school and we like to unite technology with life lessons and experiences. Sandra shared her life story with the girls – she showed them her home as she was growing up and then her home as a successful female technologist!  The girls were impressed.  The girls asked questions about Canada and how she was able to do so well for herself.  Sandra was upbeat and yet delivered important and tough messages about always doing the right thing and thinking before you act, as your actions will stay with you for a lifetime.  At ITWomen we say that you have hit a home run when you can impact one girl at a time – well Sandra impacted many and at the end of her presentation she received several big hugs from these young girls.

Sandra – thank you for your wonderful story and for taking the time out of a busy schedule to spend time with 25 young girls who now have a real live Role Model to look up to, to respect and to emulate!!  We so appreciate your time and your heart!!!

Urgent Inc. Students Produce “USALand” Video Short Under Terremark Colleagues’ Technology Tutelage    

This year for the first time ITWomen Role Model Speakers worked with Urgent Inc. during their summer camp, which was held at the University of Miami Campus. The topic was “How do you make a video short”!  The lead presenter was once again Victor Herrera and his colleague, Morexi Morejon, both of Terremark. Victor and Morexi came to the campus each week for four weeks and explained how to make a video short. The girls broke into teams, with each team responsible for creating an integral segment: the characters, the environment (a Planet), the sky, and a rocket ship. The characters were made from clay. The girls created the environment of a video studio, creating all of the pieces that were needed and even took part in the photo shoot required for “stop motion video.” Victor and Morexi took all the creations of their “video students” and put them together, including music and sound effects.

At the closing ceremonies for the Urgent Inc. camp, Victor presented the video called “USALand” to more than 100 people who applauded the 16 young women who were on the stage and beaming because they learned how to make a video and were in the credits!  Victor then gave each student her own copy of “USALand.”

Thank you Victor and Morexi – not only for you your time spent with the Urgent Inc. girls but for all of the time you spent behind the scenes – you gave the girls the greatest gifts  – that of confidence, knowledge and the empowerment to create!  You are our Rock stars!!!!!!

The Role Models Speakers Program (RMS) of the ITWomen Charitable Foundation has expanded year over year and we are proud to say that we have served over 10,000 young female students in South Florida. We thank our Role Model Speakers who have given back to the community in South Florida to help see more young women pursue technology and engineering.