Role Model Speakers

ITWomen Role Model Speakers share their experiences to encourage girls in middle school and high school to pursue Technology and Engineering. Once empowered with the knowledge of opportunities offered through Technology and Engineering careers, students can set goals for college degrees and corporate internships in a supportive network.

Who Are the Role Models?

The Role Model Speakers are ITWomen members and/or constituents – You! Sharing your expertise and experience with local middle school and high school students who are considering or are being introduced to IT careers is a great way to personally make a difference and to support ITWomen.

You can volunteer as much or as little time as you have available. You will make a difference in a girl’s life with just one Role Model Session – it is contagious and you will want to be involved!

How Does the RMS Program Work?

For each partner there is a Role Model Speakers session once every three months. Each session is about an hour long. The sessions may be on the school site, our Partner’s facility, or conducted through video conferencing.

The topics are usually chosen by the students and can vary from Careers in Technology and How to Use Technology to Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills specific to the Technology Industry.

An evaluation conducted at the end of each session assists us delivering the best program possible for the students.

ITWomen Partners

ITWomen is able to reach our target audience through Partnerships forged with nonprofit organizations who serve young women between the ages of 8-18.

The majority of our female students come from inner-city homes and schools. Our Partner organizations include PACE, Miami-Dade County Public Schools-NAF Academies and Broward County Public Schools,

Become an ITWomen Role Model


Contact ITWomen for available Role Model dates. Please include your job title, company, contact phone and best time to be reached.

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