About Us

Founded in 2002 by senior level women across technology industries

Who We Are



ITWomen works to narrow the gender gap across technology through proven programs that Inspire, Educate and Empower girls and women to advance in tech. We are a volunteer-driven non-profit founded in 2002 in South Florida by senior-level women in technology,

Our programs include classroom Role Models, College Scholarships, Educational Field Trips in professional settings, Robotics and Programming Camps, and Career Development.

ITWomen accomplishes its mission through donations and partnerships with non-profits, universities, corporate sponsors and professional organizations.

Our professional development programs allow women across technology to collaborate and empower each other in their career journeys, while our youth programs help ignite a passion for tech when girls in middle school and high school face critical choices for an academic path to a future in tech.



"We provide a fun environment; we play music, we play on the floor interacting with the robots - so we want them to make that association that IT is fun."

ITWomen Mission

Increase the number of girls and women in the fields of technology and engineering and to provide professional development, student education and scholarships through a supportive network.


ITWomen accomplishes its mission through specific programs that allow professional women across technology to collaborate and empower each other in their career development. Each program and initiative addresses the ITWomen’s mission in a unique way and focuses on specific needs within its constituency.


ITWomen Charitable Foundation

As part of its community outreach, the organization has established the nonprofit ITWomen Charitable Foundation 501(c)3. The ITWomen Charitable Foundation focuses on the ITWomen Role Model Speakers Program and the ITWomen Scholarship Program. ITWomen is determined to make a positive, substantial difference in the South Florida technology community by drawing on the combined strength and resources of its constituency.

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  • Akamai ITWomen Charitable Foundation Grant Partner
  • Ryder Systems Charitable Foundation ITWomen Grant Partner 2020