Monetizing Opportunities in Mobility Sept 18

smart-phoneLearn what it takes to get an App published and deliver commercial mobility solutions that leverage Big Data & the  Cloud.  Join ITWomen at the Venture Hive in Miami, Florida, on the evening of September 18.  You’ll gain an understanding of how to leverage emerging opportunities in this ever changing mobility landscape across ALL industries.

While location-based services using GPS are well-known to anyone with a smartphone to help us get turn-by-turn directions, find nearby shops and restaurants nearby, and remembering where you parked at the airport, the emergence of Bluetooth Low Energy sensors (beacons) has paved the way for bringing the value of location-based services indoors. When combined with a mobile app, Big Data, and the Cloud, beacons can be used to:
 provide better customer service
 gather valuable insights and trends
 improve operational efficiency
 track assets
 generate revenue with targeted, proximity alerts

Spark your Entreprenurial energy and hatch an idea as to how you could monetize your ideas in the following industries:
 Travel and Tourism
 Property Management
 Healthcare
 Retail
 Entertainment

Our Featured Speaker Chris Martinez of Centric Solutions has 20 years of experience in software development, including ten years of experience in mobile software. Chris has developed multiple apps in both Apple AppStore and Google Play. He specializes in location-based services, voice recognition, and integration of back-end systems with mobile apps. Chris has 4 patents in mobile technology and several patents pending.