Booker T Washington HS – “Project Management – a Leadership Journey"

ITWomen Role Model Speaker Regina Batista, of AvMed, with Technology and Astronomy Students at the school's phenomenal Planetarium facilities.

Jan 26, 2016 – ITWomen Role Model Speaker Regina Battista, PMO, of AVMed (far right) with ITWomen Miami-Dade program lead Mariela Ruiz at Booker T. Washington HS with Astronomy and Technology Academy students


Role Model Speaker Shares Journey from Immigrant Hardship to Leadership Success

Students of Booker T Washington High School’s  Academies of Technology and Astronomy were treated to a special presentation from Regina Batista, PMO Manager – AvMed Health, on the morning of January 26th 2016, at the school’s phenomenal Planetarium facilities.

Regina shone as she connected with the students by sharing insights into her Leadership Journey, from how as a young immigrant from Cuba, she assimilated into school here in Miami with little help from her hardworking parents who didn’t speak any English and weren’t able to assist with homework, or college applications, but how she made her way, attended University, and went onto a successful career that has been rewarding both financially, and from the ability to make an impact.

Results: Positive Views of IT Careers and Inspiration to Persevere

The RMS Session Survey showed that 13 of the 18 girls who attended said they would somewhat likely to choose a career in IT, and that the presentation was enjoyable mostly because Regina shared her story of how her parents came to this country and how they were poor and that made her more determined to study hard.A few students were also excited about learning about the different areas in IT that they can get into!

Booker T Washington Feedback

Ms. Ruiz and Marrero,
I am truly thankful that you [came] out to share information about your craft with our students. It was wonderful to know that society still has professionals grounded enough to come from afar, and invest as an integral part of  ‘that village’ it takes to raise a child; giving back to this developing STEM community we are working hard to build as women and other underrepresented groups in the area. Your program as an industry partner and its collaboration with our school district is one I appreciate, and will continue to capitalize on.

“Ms. Marrero, thank you for organizing this event. I will be distributing student surveys for the department to distribute to kids on Feb. 1st (as we discussed previously this will give us insight as to whether we will be scheduling security, mobile development or animation & user experience as the next NAF Role Model Session and ultimately field trip).”