Freshmen Year Tips from ITWomen Scholarship Winners

We’re so proud of our ITWomen scholarship winners who have just completed their first year of college pursuing technology and engineering degrees. We wanted to know what advice they would share with the 2016 winners facing their freshman year this fall. Madisen Farley, ITWomen member and Citrix intern, caught up with Aysha, Leah, Sarah and Victoria for their comments.

Aysha Habbaba 2015 ITWomen Scholarship WinnerAysha: 
“Last year was one of the most challenging and life changing years of my life; it’s going to be amazing but it’s also going to be tiring, overwhelming and brand new. Never forget what brought where you are and what you’re capable of; you can do it.”
– Aysha Habbaba, Pomona College, Computer Science

Leah Stephens, 2015 ITWomen Scholarship WinnerLeah:
“In your first year of college, you may realize you’re not nearly as prepared as you think you are. However, that’s okay, because it’s a huge, wonderful, messy learning experience and it allows you to see what you’re really capable of.“
— Leah Stephens, University of Tennessee, Civil Engineering

“Being around many other women so passionate about science and technology has made such a positive impact on my life.”
— Sarah Curtis, MIT, Electrical/Computer Engineering

Carlos-Victoria Victoria: 
“Value that one year of college. It will change you more than four years of high school. Learn about yourself, your passion and about having fun!”
— Victoria Carlos, University of South Florida, Computer Science