Landing Your Dream Internship (and Job!)

Everyone knows it’s important to have internship experience on your resume— but not all internships are created equal.

Savvy young women want internships that offer more than a job making copies and fetching coffee!  One of the most valuable benefits of internships is the hands-on experience that recruiters and hiring managers consider absolutely necessary to be considered employable. 

 ITWomen offers a downloadable guide on How to Land Your Dream Internship (and Job).

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You’ll find:  

  • The most important features to look for in internship positions. 
  • When you should consider an unpaid position.  
  • What hiring managers are looking for in an intern. 
  • How to stand out in the large pool of applicants. 
  • The best way to position yourself to get hired. 


ITWomen created How to Land Your Dream Internship (and Job) because we are dedicated to supporting young women pursuing their dream for a career in tech. 

ITWomen has awarded over $560,000 in scholarships to more than 90 girls to date to follow their dreams for a career in tech.