Remember ITWomen on Give Miami Day Nov 16, 2017

ITWomen is proudly participating in GIVE MIAMI DAY, a 24-hour online giving event on Nov. 16, 2017, hosted by The Miami Foundation.

Donations will be accepted from 12 a.m. on November 16, 2017, to 12 a.m. on November 17, 2017. 


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We Help Give Girls Access to Opportunities in Tech

ITWomen Role Models field trip to see Girls Make Beats involving girls in tasks and tools in sound engineering, a predominantly male field.

Stereotypes Steer Girls Away Early From Tech Futures

Studies show that pervasive stereotypes prevent far too many girls from considering a future in technology.* 

Yet STEM degrees offer a path to greater economic security and independence. Studies show women in STEM related jobs will earn 33% more than women in non-STEM jobs.** Furthermore, careers in technology and engineering are growing and analysts are predicting a shortage of people to fill them. 

The future should be brighter than ever for young girls with aptitude and curiosity for science, technology, engineering and math. Interest tends to fall in middle school. The percentage of girls planning for STEM degrees and careers is significantly less compared to that of boys. 

ITWomen Programs Fight Stereotypes

ITWomen programs seek to narrow the gender gap, especially for under-served school girls.

From Role Model speakers,  Field Trips, Robotics and Coding camps, to Scholarships and Mentoring, ITWomen volunteers and interns inspire, educate and empower young girls to see themselves in meaningful roles in STEM careers. ITWomen programs aim at early enough impact for girls to make critical academic choices to prepare for a STEM degree

ITWomen Role Models 

The Role Models program has reached over 22,000 girls in South Florida. It breaks stereotypes by bringing successful women in tech to encourage girls by example and talking about their work, and all the different occupations available to them in STEM fields.

ITWomen Robotics and Coding Camps

ITWomen Robotics and Coding camps immerse girls in technology projects while teaching leadership and teamwork to achieve success. 

ITWomen College Scholarships

Rachel Hill, Margaret Brisbane

2013 ITWomen Scholarship recipient Rachel Hill with ITWomen mentor Margaret Brisbane Associate Director of Miami-Dade Information Technology. Rachel graduated in June 2017 from FIU’s School of Computing and Information Sciences in the College of Engineering and Computing. Rachel started work after graduation at Lockheed Martin in its Rotary and Mission Systems business sector.

ITWomen competitive four-year renewable scholarships totalling $8,000 help highly motivated female high school seniors from schools in South Florida to pursue their dreams for a degree in technology and engineering in the STEM track. 

Many of our scholars are the first in their family to earn college degrees and have gone on to graduate from universities in Florida, Harvard, MIT, Embry Riddle, Purdue, Cornell, Tuskeegee and more.


Give Miami Day 2017 is around the corner!

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* American Association of University Women
** National Center for Women & Information Technology