ITWomen Virtual Mentor Changed Rachel's Life

Rachel Hill, a 2013 ITWomen Scholarship winner, says she could not have imagined how much the ITWomen Virtual Mentoring program and her mentor, Margaret Brisbane, longtime ITWomen member, would change her life. Rachel’s mom, who passed away when Rachel was 12, used to work for the technology group at Miami-Dade County (“ITD”), which is where Margaret works.

Through Margaret, Rachel has met many employees who knew her Mom. Margaret organized a fundraiser for Rachel which, in addition to cash, provided Rachel with a bin of essentials for college at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) in Melbourne. Here is an excerpt from her Thank-You letter to her Mentor and “ITD” family:

“…When I first met Margaret, she asked me if I was ready to move to Melbourne. At the time I didn’t even have a shopping list… I find it remarkable how one action could change your entire life. This ITWomen scholarship is one of my greatest accomplishments thus far. Through the scholarship I met Margaret, one of the best mentors I know. I also found something that I have been searching long and hard for. I found an important piece of my mom. I met people who loved her and missed her as much I did. I always wanted to be like my mom. I never thought that six years later I would learn so much about her or even follow in her footsteps…”   See Rachel’s full letter

How You Can Make the Difference in a Young Woman’s Life

The ITWomen Virtual Role Model Mentoring program was created for ITWomen scholarship awardees who are currently enrolled and attending colleges throughout the USA. Students are paired, one-to-one with a female professional with five years’ experience in a field they are pursuing or one closely related. The positive impact of being an ITWomen Virtual Role Model Mentor is inestimable. Download Virtual Role Model Mentor Application Form.Contact ITWomen for more information.