Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Helps South Broward High School Students Set Sail Towards a Future in the Marine Industry

On November 3, 2015, 26 students from South Broward high school and 2 chaperones, Mitzi Plunkett and Ted Davis, visited the offices of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL) for a special tour and presentation.

As Broward county’s marine magnet school, South Broward High School gained unique access to RCCL representatives that included:  Carolina Arredondo, Mellesha Brown, Thomas Evans, Nancy Fehn, Jeanine Graham-Bellamy, Sara Hecker, Andrea Hepburn, Pascale Jacques, Linda Jacobs, Sylvan Jeannot, Denise Mansyur, Laura Mao, Claudia Masihy, Maria Miller, Olaf Neumann, Paola Ortiz, Vicky Osejo, Gabriela Ponce, Jose Rodriguez and David Sun.

After the trip the students were asked what they liked best about today’s field trip. Here are a few of the responses:

“I really enjoyed the motivation of the workers and presenters at Royal Caribbean.”

“Encouragement, kindness, and the exposure of what it takes to run a cruise line.”

“Interaction of all the employees and visitors.”

“I liked best is the heart of the operations and the call center — inbound and outbound.”

“I loved the whole thing, it makes me see what other possible careers I can have.”

“(Enjoyed) going through the shipboard labs, getting behind the scenes and seeing how things work including how they get information.”

“Seeing all the servers and learning about what goes into it. Learning about all the job opportunities was the best.”

“Learning about the smart ship.”

“Seeing all the new technology and ideas people have for the future.”


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