Pay It Forward for Equal Pay Day

National #EqualPayDay is April 2. Are we good? Not even close. Latest figures show it will take over 40 years, on average, to close the gender pay gap, but a staggering 107 years for Black women and 216 for Latinas. However here are some things you can do to help move the needle and #PayItForward, from our friends at Ellevest. Learn why promoting and sponsoring women at work and women networks are so powerful.

Explore the power of investing and support ITWomen at the same time. If you become an Ellevest client, ITWomen Charitable Foundation will earn a commission. Sign up by April 30 and receive $50 towards your first funded goal.  Learn More   


How Ellevest Helps ITWomen:
Ellevest, created by women for women, creates personalized investment portfolios based on individual finances and a gender-specific salary curve. If you become a client through the ITWomen landing page,  ITWomen Charitable Foundation will receive a commission.

ITWomen programs help increase the number of girls and women in tech, and promote economic security for women through higher-paying jobs in the STEM fields of Engineering and Information Technology


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