Designing Cultures for Hybrid Workspaces

Company culture consultant Gustavo Razzetti holds that companies often hold out highly desirable perks as their core foundation, but perks alone do not define a culture. The key to hybrid workspaces where everyone can thrive is when all employees, remote or on-site, share a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves, he says.

Razzetti was speaking at an ITWomen’s professional development webinar held Friday Sept. 16.

The free webinar was part of a drive for ITWomen scholarships for senior high school girls pursuing degrees in Technology and Engineering. ITWomen’s Future Forward series presents thought leaders, management and CIOs.

ITWomen president Claire Marrero moderated as Razzetti fielded incisive questions on topics including:

  • The “quiet quitting” trend
  • How to set compensation with multi-locations and varied costs of living.
  • Training for managers who are on the front lines of the hybrid work revolution.
  • What’s happening to companies that demand everyone “come back to the office.”
  • As U.S. workers become less tethered to geographic locations, would more jobs go overseas?

Marrero observed that brick and mortar companies which do not offer flexible work-from-home and remote work schedules are seeing higher turnovers.

Razzetti said, “We’re at the tipping point. The 9 to 5 model is only 100 years old.” He pointed to the success of some companies adopting a four-day work week.

“Successful companies are letting their workers take the lead, and coming up with their own models” Razzetti said. “Flexibility is the new engagement.” He also shared his steps for companies re-designing or creating cultures that will work for them.

Razzetti is the author of, “Remote, Not Distant: Design a Company Culture That Will Help You Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace.” A prolific author of several books on company culture, Razzetti’s insights have been featured in The New York Times, Psychology Today, Forbes, BBC, Fortune and others.

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