Ten New #STEM Scholarship Winners Announced for 2019

Ultimate Software surprised this year’s scholarship winners with a donation of sleek Mac Book laptops. The ITWomen awards dinner was held at Ultimate’s Weston headquarters June 10. The scholarships were made possible by funds raised at ITWomen’s 2018 Celebrity CIO gala.

Claire Marrero. ITWomen President
Claire Marrero President, ITWomen

So proud of our amazing scholars who’ll be heading off to Dartmouth, FIU, FSU, Georgia Tech, MIT, Penn State, UCF, UF, and USC!

HUGE thank you to Ultimate Software for hosting a lovely awards ceremony on the evening of June 10. It was an absolute pleasure to announce the ten winners who were each awarded an $8,000 scholarship. The girls not only received a goody bag with coffee machine, mugs and gift certificates, but the big surprise of the evening was Ultimate’s gift of a Mac Book Laptop!!! 

The proud parents were delighted to learn that each Scholar will be partnered with a MENTOR, and that the girls actually got to meet each other and form valuable connections as they commence their college journeys.

Deepest appreciation to Eamonn Caufield for his warm welcome assuring these incredible young women (and their parents) that they have chosen a rewarding career path and Sheila Hanlon Ravindran for facilitating the awards ceremony at Ultimate.

Thank you to Rimma Polissky for sharing some words of wisdom, along with Dr. Susan Clemmons who led our Scholarship Selection Committee, and Shawna Cartwright for joining us once again for the brain bending exercise of choosing only ten girls from an outstanding field of applicants.

And of course a GIGANTIC thanks to supporters of our 2018 Celebrity CIO fundraiser for the $80,000 raised for these scholarships. You made it possible for these amazing young women.

To date, ITWomen has awarded 116 scholarships that are helping fuel our future with more female tech leaders. Stay tuned for ITWomen Fellow spotlights.

– Claire Marrero
President, ITWomen



Please join ITWomen in welcoming:

Vanessa Perez-Robles

Graduated from Monsignor Edward Pace High School.

Heading to study Engineering at Dartmouth College


Mariya Jivaji

Graduated from Atlantic Community High School

Heading off to study Cyber Security Analytics Bachelor of Science

Penn State University


Cassandra Garzia

Graduated from Everglades High School

Heading off to study Computer Science Animation

University of Florida


Anita Podrug

New World Arts High School

Computer Science

Heading off to Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Sophie Ayoung-Chee

Majory Stoneman Douglas High School

Computer Engineering

Georgia Tech


Jade Minkoff

Florida Atlantic University High School

Electrical Engineering

University of Southern California 


Sofia Serna

Cypress Bay High School

Civil Engineering

University of Florida


Geela Margo Ramos

Miramar High School

Computer Science & Cognitive Science

University of Central Florida


Esther Alexandre

Miami Lakes Educational Center

Computer Science

Florida State University


Regine Donatien

Graduated High School from the School for Advanced Studies, Miami Dade College

Heading to study Computer Science



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